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Premier Tours & Travel is an award-winning agency for tours and travel worldwide. Through our Expertly Done Travel Series, explore cultures, food, wine, and the arts enhanced by the knowledgeable, approachable insights of Premier’s hand-selected experts, such as acclaimed chefs, brand ambassadors, sommeliers, and artists. We offer exclusive opportunities and exceptional access via these experts. We are proud to partner with each of them to create bespoke itineraries to ensure a Premier Experience of a Lifetime. 


Premier Tours & Travel is proud to partner with In the Kitchen's Chef Bob Waggoner -- a culinary legend, Emmy award-winning personality, and author of the Charleston Grill at Charleston Place: French Influenced Lowcountry Cuisine cookbook -- to create culinary tours throughout the world for our Expertly Done Travel Series.

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Exploring the Flavors of Provence With Chef Bob Waggoner
Check out our feature story in Charleston Magazine about our September 2019 tour to Provence with Chef Bob Waggoner.


A Culinary Extravaganza in Bountiful Burgundy with Chef Bob Waggoner 

Click on the image to read our feature story in Charleston Magazine about our tour to Burgundy.


Chef Maria Jimenez Latorre

Premier Tours & Travel is proud to introduce our tours with Chef Maria Jimenez Latorre, a native Spanish celebrity chef. Chef Maria Jimenez Latorre is a renowned chef in Spain with a following throughout the country for her magnetic personality and culinary style. Her fondness for cooking began as a child— the daughter of a great gourmet and a great cook, she grew up between stoves. Her style was influenced by such renowned Spanish chefs as Segundo Alonso at The Paloma Restaurant in Madrid, Manuel Antón, and Juanjo López de la Tasquita de Enfrente of La Taberna Alegrías. Chef Jimenez has published two books, Best Salads and Magicians in the Kitchen, which is also her popular blog’s namesake:

She loves to explore local markets, particularly spice markets, and to find new places that surprise her with their cuisine, products, and/or wine—and to share those experiences with others. Chef Jimenez has participated as a judge in the first season of the popular Spanish television cooking program, "My Mother Cooks Better Than Yours.” She has been a lecturer in the European Parliament, belongs to the board of directors of ACYRE association of chefs and confectioners of Madrid, currently runs her own catering with Sergio Fernández, and teaches cooking courses for both professionals and amateurs.



Premier Tours & Travel is proud to partner with Ana Fabiano, author of The Wine Region of Rioja, DOCa Rioja Brand Ambassador, and Senior Trade Advisor. She was the first American hired by the Embassy of Spain’s Commercial Office and became one of the three founders of Wines from Spain. For over 25 years she has passionately researched and traveled extensively through wine country of Spain with great professional concentration in Rioja. In 2007, she earned a Mastery Certification in the Castilian language, a credential that allowed her to research and write the award-winning book, The Wine Region of Rioja, which released in 2012. The second edition released in 2017.  Ms. Fabiano has dedicated her professional life and vast research to the wine and food industry of Spain. Her highly respected work and milestone achievements for Rioja have equipped her with mastery in her subject matter, as well as the marketplace. She is recognized and respected as a Rioja expert inside and outside the DOCa of Rioja.  Her passions include her four heroic children, Rioja, her garden, and mentorship. 







Join Premier Tours & Travel for our virtual series, Expertly Done Culinary & Wine TraVirtual, to rouse in you a passion for our featured destinations and their distinct cultures, exceptional wines, and culinary delights with virtual tastings and cooking demonstrations with our Expert Hosts. During these one-hour, virtual presentations we hope to enhance your armchair travel through the fork or glass. Learn more.